Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Caesar, God & American Politics

Do you get the feeling that Politics is reaching a level where you are almost compelled to join a church in order to be accepted into the political ranks, whether it be Republican or Democrat, Red or Blue, Conservative or Liberal, Elephant or Donkey, High or Low, Left or Right? Does the attention given to the political realm in the United States, and to a certain extent, the entire World, remind you of the passionate focus seemingly reserved for God Himself? Or does it seem that Politics itself has become God, with many worshipping at the altar of the Political Office offering their sacrifical vote?
Has the sacred and the secular become so blurred that we can't tell the difference between Jesus Christ our Flag and Old Glory? Do we pledge allegiance to any other than the Jesus who died for our sins and rose again? Does our political capital get cast at the feet of anyone other than the King of Kings and Lord of Lords?
I can pose the questions to you, but only you can answer them.
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