Saturday, February 02, 2013

The Standard of American Liberty - Taxes, Tyranny & Jesus

How did Jesus resist Tyranny?
Within the realm of American Secular Politics, there remains one steadfast rule for the wanna be patriot, rebellion or resistance. The two are so closely allied, I group them together.

For those aligned with the idea of resistance being nothing more than pacifism, you will be disappointed with this post. But for the true Disciple of Jesus and Biblical ideas of resistance, this article will hopefully provide some Truth and Peaceful Understanding.

In a previous post, I dealt with the issue of a person paying taxes that they weren't legally required to pay, all for the simple reason of protecting the Tax Collector from legal harm. Next I want to very briefly introduce an idea that will leave many patriots probably feeling a bit uncomfortable, especially in their bid to return America to her Christian roots.
No Taxation w/o Representation

This issue was one of the Hallmarks of the American Revolution. In fact the Cry "No Taxation without Representation" was the official motto that accompanied it and the Founding Fathers' resistance to tyrannical taxes passed by King George and Parliament as well as the Officials in the Colonies having the duty of enforcing these edicts.

For those desiring to return to the Christian roots of America, I wonder how well the official policies of the Founders, as well as their actions, line up with the Words and actions of Jesus. Do they even come close to being the same?
The Bostonians Paying the Excise-Man, or Tarring and Feathering,
attributed to Philip Dawe, 1774, in the Colonial Williamsburg collection.
If Jesus would go so far as to pay a tax He didn't owe in order to protect the Tax Collector, I wonder if the Founders ever went this far in there dealings with officials and Governing Bodies? Surely there are examples within American History to justify this return to such lofty Christian ideals and actions, aren't there?

And surely, those espousing such resistance and rebellion would be most willing to point us to the loftiest standards, say, those of the Christ they would have us emulate, right?  And the example set by Patriots of old that also believed the words of Jesus and were willing to follow them, even in the face of further tyranny and even death? Please, let the prophet for American Patriotism speak from authority. May he disdain empty words and rhetoric not espoused by God in the flesh!
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