Saturday, February 02, 2013

Politics - The Way of God, The Way of Man - Are They the Same?

The Bible says that Solomon was the wisest man who ever lived, thanks to his request and God's provision.
He made a statement that many times is quoted, but I wonder how much attention is paid to the details.

It begins this way, "There is a way that seems right to a man........"

Many issues today are approached, discussed, argued over, then decided based upon this one premise that "Well, it just seems the thing to do" or "It just seems the right way of thinking" and so on.

I find this true especially when it comes to political discussion. Most people are proceeding from a very similar mindset when the details of politics are discussed.

Among Christians, this way of thinking can sometimes seemingly be supported with a verse or two of Scripture. The result is that many think that, "Well, this way seems right for us as Christians, so that 's the way it's going to be." After all, who can argue against The Bible? That includes the Bible itself. If you bring up a verse that contradicts another verse quoted, many times they will fall back on the "it just seems right."

Couple this with the Subject of American History, specifically the Founding era, and it becomes almost impossible to engage in a true discussion because of the aura surrounding the Founding Fathers. Their wisdom is almost Divine itself, especially because they, too, used the Bible periodically to support certain policies. And, once again, pragmatism wins out. It just seems divinely right, the way God would want things to be. It just makes sense from God's point of View.

The problem with this is that God actually says in Isaiah that His Ways are higher than the ways of men, as far as the Heavens are from the Earth. And God's People are instructed to live according to God's Ways while on this earth, not the ways of men. Try inserting that into a conversation and see how far you get.

The rest of that verse from Solomon? Well, "........for the end thereof are the ways of death."
The Final Authority!

And you wonder why societies are crumbling around you? And you want to keep relying on "it just seems like the right way"? Following the herd will only get you the approval of the herd. I really want the approval of God, not because I think that seems like the right way, but because His Word tells me so. This is the same Word that has proven itself time and time again. It's veracity amazes me and I will continue to trust it and, at least, attempt to live by them, counting on His Blessings in my life. I also trust His Word to provide the understanding for all that is going on in this world, even in political discussions!

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