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The Genesis of Modern Politics II

 To understand modern politics as fully as possible, we have returned to the original establishment of politics found in the Bible. The foundational answers we seek are found in the book of Genesis.
Back to the Beginning
As previously stated, the fall of mankind because of sin led to a new relationship with God. The need for reconciliation and its recognition demands that all men approach God according to His standard, which He makes known to them. The blood sacrifice of an unblemished innocent animal of God’s choosing is required to temporarily atone for an individual’s sin and maintain fellowship with a holy God.
God's requirement for Fellowship and Atonement for sin are established
Cain rejected this standard and desired to replace it with his own. When approached by God, Cain is offered the authority of ruling over sinners and their sinful acts. Scripture doesn’t reveal that Cain officially accepted God’s offer at this time, however, his actions toward his brother Abel set the tone for what is to transpire into business as usual within the political realm of sin management.

Traditionally, it has been promoted that Cain’s action toward Abel was nothing more than murder in a jealous rage. 
Cain Kills Abel - Was it just plain murder?
Fortunately, the Scriptures reveal quite a bit more than just an emotionally driven jealousy. In fact, we find an ample amount of detail not usually considered. These details help us to understand the character of politics as ordained by God Himself from the beginning.

First it is revealed that what God mentions first is the fact of “the voice” of Abel’s blood “crying out from the ground.” Since other Scripture reveals that “the life of the flesh is in the blood,” it is important that what God is recognizing is physical life being synonymous with the blood. Therefore, the shedding of man’s blood by mankind is a serious offense, not taken lightly by God.

The most startling detail comes from the book of Hebrews. It’s a comparison between one aspect of Jesus and Cain; blood. Chapter 12, verse 24 says, “And to Jesus the mediator of the new covenant, and to the sprinkling of blood, that speaketh better things than that of Abel.”

The context of this verse within Hebrews and it’s teaching on blood is the sacrificial shedding of blood, specifically, the sprinkling of shed blood on a sacrificial altar. The Law details the requirements of God for sin’s atonement through blood sacrifice. The sacrificial blood of bulls and goats typifies the future ultimate blood sacrifice of The Lamb of God which would be enough to cover the sin of the entire world. It is within this context that we find this reference to Abel’s blood. The only way this comparison works is if Abel’s blood was shed by Cain in sacrifice upon an altar.

Is this rather startling? It should be. But this is nothing more than the beginning of revelation from Scripture regarding the founding of this World system, with its rulers ordained by God. In fact, Paul’s words to Timothy prior to his execution reveal the same mindset as Cain. In II Timothy 4:6, Paul says, “For I am now ready to be offered, and the time of my departure is at hand.”
Jesus Offered Himself by the hands of the Romans - He ordained them

What a strange statement! Notice that Paul does not say that he is ready to offer himself. He said that he is ready to be offered. The significance in this lies in the fact that a sacrifice is always offered by another. The sacrifice does not shed his own blood, even though that person may make his blood available for such an activity. The blood of sacrifice is always shed by another. In the case of Paul, that would be the Caesar and his Roman government, for Caesar was the official executioner of Paul as well as Jesus, the Lamb of God, just as Cain was the official executioner of Abel. This unique relationship speaks volumes about the political structure of this World system and the relationship of God’s People to that Government.

More details to Come………………………………..

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