Sunday, November 11, 2012

Obama's 2nd Term, Politics & Christian Cowards

With the latest Presidential election almost a week behind me, the responses of religious types, though varied, seem to carry a common theme; cowardice.
Another 4 Years!
 Whether voicing disappointment, anger, frustration or renewed determination, those professing to be “God’s People” are scared to face the Truth about many things, in this case, politics.

How many are willing to admit conflicting expectations when it comes to politics and the Bible?
Can American Christians Serve Two Masters?

  For example, why do Christians expect secular politicians to return America to its “Christian” roots when, in order to officially hold office, they must first demonstrate their willingness and ability to disobey a direct command of Christ? They must first take an oath of office, something Jesus specifically forbids in Matthew 5? What kind of disconnect must there be when Christians can’t recognize this disparity. How does disobeying Christ even begin to return to Christian roots?
Jesus forbids His Followers from taking an Oath

And this is just the beginning of the conflict and disconnect.

Where are those who have the spiritual fortitude to recognize Truth as Truth rather than compromising and sacrificing their convictions upon the altar of political expediency and pragmatism?

Where are those who have the spiritual guts to speak the Truth according to the Bible rather than glibly providing Bible verses that only seem to support certain political actions and beliefs, but can be refuted by other verses and passages? When will others begin to seriously study those other verses and passages and allow then to speak on their own?

Until this happens individually and corporately, all I see is a bunch of cowards using the name of Jesus in vain. God bless those who desire the Truth, pursue and obtain it!
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