Thursday, November 22, 2012

President Obama, Democrats & Republicans - A Voter Fraud Conspiracy Made in...the Courts?

The Second Round of Hope & Change
 Now that president Obama has been elected to a second term as President, much of the vitriol has subsided, though not easily. The one cry that has actually intensified, though, has been the repeated call for Federal and State authorities to conduct numerous election fraud investigations. The reasons run the gambit, from vote counts higher than the number of registered voters to vote machine malfunctions to voter intimidation to votes tallied for the deceased. But the cry continues.
Your tax dollars at work!
Prior top the election, yes beginning with the beginning of the primary season, concerns about potential voter fraud were voiced by various levels of government officials, appointed and elected. So it seems that these warnings, though offered as sincere political concern, were prophetic in nature, more so than many want to acknowledge.
Only Two votes?
Normally, I wouldn't pay much attention to these cries. For those who understand the sleight of hand exercises inherent with secular politics, simply understanding the procedural charade presented to the electorate provides peace when also coupled with Biblical revelation about the powers that be.

This reality was provided in four previous links (Link 1, Link 2, Link 3, Link 4), where the details of media ownership and control of voting data was controlled by an exclusive group with no governmental oversight. Of course, interest in such stark revelations tends to be rather benign, since it derails other long term political concerns, not the least of which is maintaining the status quo. Those who may carry the banner temporarily within the public realm are usually considered too extreme to take seriously, so are ignored. Others peacefully understand and maintain a distance outside the operating margins of secular political society.

Next comes this unexpected bit of information that, though some may find shocking, is not really all that surprising for the Biblically literate Child of God. This piece in World Net Daily delivers the news that confirms what some have thought for a  long time; that Democrats and Republicans are in collusion. They are officially working together per political agreement, not with the political opposition that is constantly paraded before the populace.
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