Saturday, January 25, 2014

Was King Jesus Political?

The question of Jesus being involved in politics is constantly addressed. 

Many answers are provided for us to consider, but the best source remains the Bible. 

The fact is that Jesus confessed that he had a Kingdom, though it did not originate in this world. He even made sure Pilate understood that his Roman authority came from above.

Ultimately, this did not threaten the jurisdiction of Rome for whom Pilate acted. Rome was a physical power that presided over a physical jurisdiction. The jurisdictions of the gods, Roman or otherwise, was not an issue before Pilate to consider. Political threats were another issue entirely.

Rome had previously proven its efficiency in dealing with political revolutionaries. Threats were simply eliminated. Yet Pilate did not view Jesus as a political threat. His finding of "I find no fault in him" to the Jewish authorities was enlightening and, at the same time, maddening to the Jewish Leadership. 

The real problem among professing Christians lies in the lack of understanding about the Heavenly Kingdom of God and it's separation from, yet vital connection to earthly Kingdoms. Until that is figured out, political confusion will reign, especially among American citizens of the Kingdom of God.

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