Saturday, January 25, 2014

God & Liberty - The Bible Speaks about Government

Government might be considered by many to be one of those "necessary evils" that we must all put up  with in life. 

In the Bible, Romans 13 is very clear. As Believers in God and His Son, Jesus, we are instructed how to view these governments and act toward them. 

1.  The Governments in place have been ordained by God.
2.  Don't oppose the government. This means don't place yourself in their position or act as if you possess the power of government.
3.  Don't resist the government. This means don't physically resist Goverment and their officials in their implementation of laws and policies that are legitimately within their jurisdiction.
4.  To oppose or resist government is to oppose of resist God Himself.
5.  Opposing or resisting Government, i.e. God is to invite judgment upon yourself.

The problem with most American Christians is that they constantly find something that government needs to change. So, they act to implement the necessary change.

Can you name a time in American history when the people weren't busy being against some government law or policy?

Do you find it interesting that Government consistently acts in ways that invite others, especially God's Children, to act in ways that violate Scripture?

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