Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Are You Praying For Your Public Officials? Why?

Many times we, as Christians, are encouraged to engage in the biblical mandate to " pray for our leaders." Very rarely do we hear the reason that Apostle Paul told Timothy and Titus to conduct this activity. In fact, I have never heard anyone delve into the reason other than to say it helps us lead a quiet and peacable life.

Yet, the very reason is given by Paul in both instances. We pray for public officials holding authority over us so that they will be saved. That's right! Paul tells us to pray for the salvation of those in Public office. Why?

The reason is very simple. Because biblically, the realm of Secular government is presumed to be inherently separated from a Holy and righteous God. The Leaders of this world system we live under are deemed to be in need of a renewed heart through faith in Jesus Christ. They need to be saved!

Are we surprised to hear this? Why? It's simply the Word of God. And after all, aren't we talking about "Secular" governemnt? Secular means "not sacred or holy." Christians and non christians alike refer to government being secular. So why do we in America tend to view "unholy" government as "Christian?" Was Paul wrong? Or was he emotionally reacting to the pagan Roman Empire? Did the Founding Fathers have knowledge they failed to share with us which would have corrected this false notion of the Apostle Paul, seeing they formed a "Christian" republic? Why, if we live in a Christian republic, is the government still referred to as secular?

Maybe the Bible is out of date?

Maybe Paul knew what he was talking about. Pray for the salvation of all public officials!
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