Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Legacy of Tupper Saussy

There are times when our lives are interrupted by personalities of such a large magnitude that we come to expect too much from them. We look to them to be someone they are not. We want them to be to us someone they really are not. And when they don't meet our expectations, we tend to become disillusioned and disappointed in the person.Frederick Tupper Saussy was just such a large person in my life. To the credit of Tupper, he refused to be someone he was not. He refused to meet the misdirected aspirations of other people for himself. Tupper was Tupper. He couldn't, and wouldn't, be anyone else.For that I am grateful. I'm grateful that He wouldn't bend. I'm grateful for not expecting him to. I liked him the way he was. I had no desire to change him.

So, I was able to enjoy him and appreciate the impact he had on me as well as others. God brought him into my life for a reason. Who was I to change that? I'm glad that I didn't because I believe Tupper was used in my life in exactly the manner God intended. And because that influence was highly spiritual, that spiritual legacy will continue for years to come.

The influence began with my initial visit to his website, This was soon followed up by reading his well crafted work Rulers of Evil, a portion of which can be accessed at It continued for years in our correspondence about the nuances and details of God's political constucts in the World, most of which he came to intimately know in a manner not many of us would have chosen. But, that's Tupper. And his legacy continues.

To begin to know Tupper, read these delightful words from his son Haun Saussy. Very appropriate, indeed.

For those desiring to take part in that continuing legacy, please visit All Things Tupper. Share what you desire for others to know about yourself, Tupper and the Christ we serve.
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